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A coffee replacement, with adaptogenic mushrooms & superfoods

with an obsession for coffee culture but another obsession for the human mind we brought together the best of both worlds and LQD DRT was born.

coming from a hectic and stresful working industry where 14 hour days are the norm, i needed a way to get back into myself. by putting together the power of mushrooms with superfoods like maca and cacao i was able to get my mind reconnecting with my body. my hope is the same happens for you. mushrooms do everything!
  • boost your immune system
  • fight against allergies
  • reduce inflammation
  • boost exercise performance
  • protect cells from damage
  • lower blood sugar & cholesterol

Numbers Speak For Themselves!

Pounds of mushrooms served
800 +
happy customers
400 +
Uniqe Flavors
"with no time in the mornings and my need for coffee in the morning, this is super easy and a much healthier version after going to the gym"
daniel p

Certified Products

Our mushrooms are from a farm in Oregon, USA, cacao & maca from Peru, and cinnamon & turmeric from India. All come together and are combined locally in the UAE.

We Deal With Various Quality Organic ingredients!


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